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[@]Dear ITU, please don’t bill Internet use like phone calls

A good summary of how phone and data networks are different and how money flows between the operators involved in end to end communications in this article at Ars Technica.   It is very useful to know how these things work with the current discussions that are taking place on Internet regulation.

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[@] Travis Shrugged: The creepy, dangerous ideology behind Silicon Valley’s Cult of Disruption

A very interesting view from Paul Carr on the startups out to disrupt markets, like Uber and AirBnB. In their desire of going against established players, are they good for us? Laws don’t exist merely to frustrate the business ambitions of coastal hipsters: They also exist to protect the more vulnerable members of society.  And […]

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[@] The Apple Lightning connector

A very thorough analysis of the new Apple connector and why Micro USB would not have been enough. All 8 pins are used for signals, and all or most can be switched to be used for power.  This connector should be here to stay for a long time, maybe more than its predecessor.

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